Over thirty-five years ago this inventory began to take shape to sell flying wires to the fine folks in the antique and homebuilt markets. At that time MacWhyte of Kenosha WI was the North American manufacturer of stainless steel streamline flying wires for aircraft. Bruntons in Scotland, the originator of the streamline wire in 1909, still produced wires also. If you could buy in volume you would get a discount. Therefore, many popular sizes were purchased in volume from MacWhyte and Bruntons so they could be resold at a reduced price and still make money. Over the years the founder of the operation developed other obligations and efforts to sell these wires went dormant for several years. In 1994 these wires became part of an estate.  In the 1990s MacWhyte, the American manufacturer, ran into heavy turbulence and quit producing flying wires.  Therefore, Bruntons of Scotland is the only company on the planet today that makes new wires and they sell them through Stein Aero Lab in Florida and their dealers.

Just about all of our inventory was manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s. The Brunton wires  are satin finish. The MacWhytes are polished stainless. We are selling these wires with pricing from MacWhytes last published price sheet from 1994.

This web site is set up to sell these wires. We most likely do not have the wires needed to comprise a complete set for most aircraft. Hopefully we may have a few wires you need and that could save you some money and time. All of our wires can be shipped within a week of secured payment. 

If we do not have the wires you need please contact either:

Jerry Tague at A-Wheels in PA. (215) 885-3581  He has a large inventory of wires similar to ours. 


Stein Aero Lab in Florida at (321) 725-4160 about having some made in Scotland. They have a few common sizes in stock. They also now handle support for the Stein Skybolt, Firebolt, Great Lakes and others.  If you need to go this route, be aware that the manufacturing lead time can be several months. So look into this and place an order way ahead of the date you will need them. Thanks for your time. We wish you the best of luck with your project.